Necuron K7S


2-component adhesive with high temperature resistance for

NECURON®-modeling materials specially designed for


Mixture-ratio A to B:
100 to 25 (by weight)
Pot life:
20 minutes
Curing time:
5 hours
Technical data:
Colour: translucent
Both components should be mixed thoroughly and should be applied by brush on both bond surfaces. The bond surfaces should be clean and free from grease. Boards should be held in position by light clamping or placing a weighed object over the entire top surface of the stack to ensure equal pressure throughout the board. 
Apply the adhesive fast and evenly onto the boards. 
The quantity produced should not exceed the quantity which is needed. 
Excess adhesive should be handled as follows due to safety regulations:
Anything left more than 40 g of a produced mixture of NECURON®K7S must be decanted into tanks smaller than 40 g
Subsequent machining:
The processing time will vary with temperature. For a 100g sample at room temperature it is approx 20 minutes. The adhesive is fully cured within 5 hours.
Shelf life:
This adhesive can be stored in the original containers for 1 year at 18-25° C.
Delivery/packing unit:
1.0 kg component A
0.25 kg component B
data sheet (pdf format) for downloading
safety data sheet (pdf format) for downloading
(component A)
safety data sheet (pdf format) for downloading
(component B)