Necuron K8T


Epoxy based 2-component adhesive with temperature resistance of more than 110°C for

NECURON®-modeling materials, especially for the production of vac forming and lay-up tools

Mixture-ratio A to B:
1 to 0.2 (by weight)
Pot life:
approx. 10 minutes for 100 g mixtures
Curing time:
approx. 4-6 hours at 20°C
Technical data:
Colour: colourless transparent
Before use components must be stirred well separately to ensure sediments are homogenized. Weigh components and mix thoroughly. The mixing process must not exceed 3 minutes. If fillers are added components A and B have to be mixed before stirring the fillers (grease-free and dry) into the mixture. Surfaces must be clean and free of dust. Apply thinly and evenly.
1.2 kg units (1 kg component A and 0.2 kg component B) will glue approx. 5 boards
Shelf life:
Shelf life approx. 12 months in well closed containers and a dry environment at a temperature of 18°C to 25°C - preferably in original packs.
Delivery/packing unit:
1.0 kg component A
0.2 kg component B
data sheet (pdf format) for downloading
safety data sheet (pdf format) for downloading
(component A)
safety data sheet (pdf format) for downloading
(component B)